2017 May 
Publiée le 18 May 2017

ENPHE Congress in Porto on May 10th to 13th

ENPHE Congress in Porto on May 10th to 13th

Little feedback on my week in Porto…

My name is Estelle De Temmerman and I’m a second year physio student from the French Red Cross (Bègles).

I currently represent my school at ENPHE (European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education). It is in this context that I had the opportunity to go to the Spring Seminar of ENPHE in Porto taking place from the 10th to the 13th of May, 2017. This is how I could introduced the Petrha project to the European students and teachers through a teaser produced by the people in charge of Petrha. The students were very reactive after the diffusion of the teaser and asked many questions concerning the serious game. I also had a lot of positive feedback throughout the week.

During these few days I have been lucky enough to meet some other physio students coming from all over Europe: the Netherlands, Finland, Austria, Turkey, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Iceland, Spain and Portugal… I surely forgot some of them. We could have exchanged on our different way of life and on the different learning process of our schools in an amazing atmosphere! Good mood, laughs and brotherhood were there all week long.

I fear I catch a viral coming from ENPHE: the one which makes you want to come back each time a bit more to meet those friends and colleagues came from abroad.

These meetings allowed me to open my eyes and to realize there was so much things to learn outside our frontiers and so much things to learn from others.