2016 June 
Publiée le 3 June 2016

Transnational pedagogical meeting around the serious game in Tudela

Transnational pedagogical meeting around the serious game in Tudela

Early in june the physiotherapists involved in the serious game and the project leader for Interaction Healthcare had a meeting at the physiotherapy school of UPNA in Tudela (Spain).

After an assessment of the progress of the various workgroups, we finalized the consensus on all the variables to be considered for our geriatric clinical cases. We then gave more thought to the score, i.e. how to evaluate the student’s clinical analysis.

We then defined a process for generating score which will reflect both fhe quality of the collected data and the accuracy of the student’s approach for a physiotherapic diagnosis and evaluation of réeducation/ readaptation.

Simutaneously, we specified the articulation of the game and the visual presentation of each phase of the process (connexion, selection of a medical case, access to the medical file, consultation with the patient, clinical examination, tests, physiotherapic diagnosis, method and objectives of reeducation etc.)

We finished the meeting with a discussion on the administrative interface i.e. identifying the rights of users according to their status, data-filing the clinical cases, monitoring and following up of users.

To sum up, a very productive and friendly meeting. Our thanks to the Public University of Navarre for its wholehearted welcome.