the serious game

Petrha a game for European physiotherapy students

The rising life expectancy and, therefore, the growing number of senior citizens is a concern shared at European level. Aging often comes with numerous pathologies which complicate the clinical reasoning process and the prioritization of objectives.

PETRHA is a Serious Game enabling European physiotherapy students to practice clinical reasoning in geriatrics. Various clinical cases based on real-life situations are proposed so that, thanks to repetition, they can acquire a methodology for collecting data, establishing a physiotherapy diagnosis and prioritizing the objectives.

The study booklet

Carried out in collaboration with the home helpers of the city of Bègles, this study booklet on the elderly population enables to enrich the clinical cases proposed in the Serious Game and will serve as a reference for the realization of studies regarding other categories of populations, as part of the development of new modules in the Serous Game.

Download the study booklet




the mooc

The MOOC is an essential complement to the PETRHA Serious Game. Its purpose is to help the users, teachers and learners, to master PETRHA so that they can play and create clinical cases.

Short video tutorials and an exhaustive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will enable everyone to get the information needed:

  • Learners will have access to videos presenting the serious game and the various steps to achieve a clinical approach from A to Z.
  • Higher education institutions will have tutorials explaining how to register and manage their students’ account.
  • Teachers will have videos showing the necessary steps to create a clinical case in the back office, or to translate an existing case in their language.

To acces to the student MOOC, use the following codes : Username: petrha_student –  Pass: petrha


The testimonies

July 2017 

Summer Class in Tudela

The aim of the PETRHA Serious Game is to create a universal language between the physiotherapists from the various European countries and improve their skills in clinical reasoning. During 5 days, teachers and students from the Public University of Navarre, the Polytechnic Institute of Porto and the IRFSS Aquitaine of the French Red Cross gathered […]


Latest news

20 October 2017 

European Petrha Cup

This weekend, the first European PETRHA Cup celebrated the end of two beautiful years of collaboration at the IRFSS Aquitaine in Bègles. We had the pleasure to welcome about forty students and fifteen trainers in physiotherapy from all over Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Lithuania, Estonia, and Poland). The students arrived on […]

Juillet 2017 

A week in Porto to work on the MOOC

During a week from July 17th to 21st, members from the IRFSS, UPNA and IPP gathered in Porto to finalize the MOOC for PETRHA. This MOOC is produced at IPP, which possesses the necessary skills and equipment as they have already created various e-learning contents. The access to this MOOC has two main objectives: Getting […]


the story the partners

Initiated by the European commission, strategic partnerships are innovative projects for cooperation and exchange of good practices. Their main purpose is to support the cooperation between active organizations in the fields of study programs, intensive programs, new pedagogical approaches and exchanges of good practices.

On July, 15th of 2015, the Regional Training Institute for Health and Social welfare (IRFSS) of Aquitaine won the Erasmus+ call for “strategic partnership” projects with its project PETRHA (Physiotherapy E-Training Re-Habilitation).

Four other partners worked with the IRFSS Aquitaine (the project holder) on PETRHA. They are complementary in their fields of competence and their expertise guarantees the project’s success. The city of Bègles, a local community, is developing a policy oriented towards ICT and takes part via their support service for the elderly. The Polytechnic Institute of Porto (Portugal) and the Public Institute of Navarre (Spain) are members of the European Network of Physiotherapists in Higher Education (ENPHE) and provide their expertise in the fields of simulation and e-learning. Finally, our last partner, SimforHealth, is a provider of digital solutions for healthcare professionals’ training. The medical, technological and pedagogical teams of SimforHealth set up solutions like MedicActiv which have already trained more than 30,000 healthcare professionals in the world.

The PETRHA project is characterized by its ability to evolve, enrich itself and live beyond the length of the European convention thanks to the MOOC.

If its positive impact on health and social care professionals has already been proven, its main goal is indeed to improve the patients’ wellbeing and the quality of the care provided.

L’UPNA, l’Université Publique de Navarre

UPNA, the Public University of Navarre

created in 1987 by the Navarre Parliament is a public University operated on 2 campuses located in Pampelona and Tuleda. The quality of its teaching and research activities makes it one of Spain’ leading Universities.

L’IPP,  l’Institut Polytechnique de Porto


the Polytechnic Institute of Porto is a public institution for higher éducation created in 1955. With more than 18 500 students, it is by far the most important polytechnic institute of Portugal. IPP is interdisciplinary and includes a school for Heath Professions covering a large spectrum of scientific knowledge.

L’IRFSS Aquitaine, Institut Régional de Formation Sanitaire et Sociale

IRFSS Aquitaine,

Institut Régional de Formation Sanitaire et Sociale created in 1950 and located in Bègles is one of the formation institutes of the french Red Cross. It covers the formation of professionals in healthcare, social welfare, emergency assistance and professional risks. The Croix-Rouge française is both an association, with over 53 000 volunters workers fighting precariousness for over 150 years, and a non-profit organisation with over 17 000 salaried employees and 600 establishments in healthcare and social welfare formation.

Mairie de Bègles

The Mairie de Bègles

Bègles city council, a local collectivity with over 500 employees has developed a policy of orienting formation towards TIC, healthcare and social welfare Its Service of assistance to senior people will be involved in the project.


Interaction Healthcare

is a firm established both in Paris and Bordeaux with an outstanding reputation for its know-how in healthcare simulation. A major contributor in digital innovation, Interaction Healthcare in a member of Cap Digital, an association of leading-edge companies,and collaborâtes with research laboratories to develop new simulation projects.

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