Juillet 2017 
Publiée le 20 October 2017

A week in Porto to work on the MOOC

A week in Porto to work on the MOOC

During a week from July 17th to 21st, members from the IRFSS, UPNA and IPP gathered in Porto to finalize the MOOC for PETRHA. This MOOC is produced at IPP, which possesses the necessary skills and equipment as they have already created various e-learning contents.

The access to this MOOC has two main objectives:

  • Getting to know the serious game for students and teachers thanks to tutorials videos
  • Helping the teachers to create clinical cases, thanks to videos explaining how to use the serious game’s back office

This week of work included the finalization of the scripts and the translation in French, Portuguese and Spanish in order to integrate the subtitles.