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2015 November 
Publiée le 27 November 2015

Presentation of the PETRHA project at the annual symposium of the french Red-Cross training department

The top management of the formation de la Croix-rouge française held their yearly seminar on november 27 at IRFSS Centre-Val de Loire in Chambray-­les-Tours. The main theme of the seminar was : “Creativity and innovation in teaching skills “, two issues which the serious game covers perfectly. The seminar allowed PETHRA to be presented to […]

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2015 September 
Publiée le 19 September 2015

The PETRHA project presented at the ENPHE congress in Ghent (Belgium)

A written document on project PETHRA was presented at the cogress of european institutes for physiotherapy training. The presentation’s objective was to create awareness of the project for both trainers and students in physiotherapy across Europe. To further enrich the serious game after 2017, we aim to involve as many universities as possible. We also […]

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2015 September 
Publiée le 1 September 2015

PETRHA project launching

Project PETHRA starts today for a 2 years span, and will be completed on august 31st 2017. In the alotted time, the partners will design the initial version of a serious game for physiotherapy students, a MOOC allowing the methodologies of the serious game’s creation to be transfered to other disciplins and a research booket […]

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2015 July 
Publiée le 15 July 2015

IRFSS Aquitaine and its partners win the Erasmus + strategic partnership competition for the PETRHA project

We were one of the 10 projects out of 63 which were selected and will be subsidized. All the other projects were submitted by universities. PETHRA was evaluated as an innovative project by the Agence Européenne, and opens perspectives of international aknoledgement in the field of training methods, and more specifically for physiotherapy students.  

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